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Stherb Nano Plus Breast Serum -30ml


Stherb Nano Plus Breast Serum -30ml


Immediate Loose and Saggy Breast Treatment

A potent treatment with great effects in regenerating breast curves and overcoming the condition of breast sagging

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St.Herb Nano Plus Breast Serum performs instant effects of breast enhancement for the pleasure and confidence of women. It is the ideal nano product that is innovated with the most recent nanotechnology and the strenuous haul out of the valuable rejuvenating herb Pueraria Mirifica. They work efficiently by releasing the immediate effects of the new mammary curves with firm and youthful conditions.

The deep penetrating serum in the form of nanoparticles excellently nourishes the breast tissues strengthening the ligaments and connective tissues of the sinuses to increase breast lift and reaffirm the effects, and expand the substructure of the breast cells to increase the bust with curves mammary closer and distinctive neckline. It also lengthens the milk ducts to promote the breast condition and soothes the skin with a sweet scent of lavender oil.

St.Herb Nano Plus Breast Serum regenerates the contours of the breasts gracefully with a young-looking and lively features and, in adding up, defends against limpness of the breasts with gravitational gravity force properties. The use of serum provides great enjoyment in the firmness and firmness of the breasts with beautiful curves just after the first few minutes.

Active Ingredients:

  • Pueraria Mirifica Extract: provides rich phytoestrogens that excellently rejuvenate breasts by strengthening and tightening breast tissues for firmer and closer breast curves.
  • Glycerin: hydrates and provides a skin barrier, promoting even skin tone and smooth skin.
  • 1,3-Butylene Glycol: an agent which attracts and retains moisture to skin.

The ideal anti-flaccidity product for breast care, which is the combination of nanoparticles of the latest nanotechnology with phyto-estrogen herb extract, Pueraria Mirifica. Therefore, it is effective to reaffirm and lift the fallen breast.

Nanosomes have special properties to keep the nutritive agent inside the particles and penetrate deep into the inner skin and release nutrition directly to the breast. So you can get the full nutrition of the ideal natural extract.

1st month use
1st month use
2nd-3rd month use
2nd-3rd month use
4th-5th month use
4th-5th month use
  • Take a small amount of St.herb Breast Care Products onto your finger tips (an amount equal in size to a small marble should be enough for one breast)
  • Massage directly onto the breast using a circular motion, beginning at the upwards and working your way underside. Continue massaging until fully absorbed ( 3-5 minutes ) in the morning and night. .


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