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Stherb Butea Gel -100g


Stherb Butea Gel -100g


For Male Sexual Vigor& Hard Erection

It has been formulated with very fine and rapid-absorbed neutral bases. Regularly application could help restore male strength.

Gel: 100 ml /unit
Price : 2 Units/ $90

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St. Herb Butea Gel completely brings back male self-confidence and contentment with comprehensive masculine being as it enormously treats male specific organ to be enthusiastic and commanding in sexual performance.

The light gel contains flavonoids and flavonoids glucosides from the extract of Butea Superba and many other phytochemicals from abundant extracts of natural herbs to promote sexual vigor in men. The ingredients combined well in the gel stimulate the vasodilator effects in the erectile tissues and then cause the erections to occur in strong and prolonged conditions. The gel also helps men get a pleasurable orgasm with a powerful sex drive and proper control of ejaculation.

The use of the gel promotes a smooth skin and the sensation of a stimulating touch with a better sensation in the genital area. This gel improves the overall sexual performance in an excellent way without excessive fatigue. In addition, it can be a lubricant for happier sexual activities. The constant use of St.Herb Butea Gel also helps increase the size of the specific male organ, no doubt.

The Butea Gel is a preparation that contains Butea Superba as the main herb, in addition to several other tropical herbs that have been prescribed for increasing sexual performance in men. Butea Gel will develop the sexual vigor in men, and will act as an elixir for all types of erectile dysfunctions and other sexual problems. The gel, if used repeatedly, gives stronger and longer erections. The Butea Gel checks out any possibility of erectile dysfunction, and gets you back your manfulness.

Apply the gel on specific organ and massage until it is well absorbed. Use once in the morning and once at night.


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